Monday, May 11, 2009

Pics from a moving train!

Often we travel by trains and pass through many cities, towns, villages unknown to us and we also get to see people from all these places getting in and out of the trains regularly, some spend their time talking to strangers, some sit silently, some just watch others, some tend to sleep, some stick to the window admiring the beauty all through the journey, some just have fun for the sake of it and the endless instances one gets to see often on these trains.

Here are few pictures i clicked on a moving train from Hyderabad to Kolkata to Jamshedpur during my recent visit to attend a close friends wedding at Jamshedpur. As the journey is more than 24 hours, i made use of my time. Sitting on an upper berth gives an added advantage considering the fact that it captures the original moments without the subject letting know of the presence of a camera.

The problem with a moving train is the moment itself. And in order to take a picture one needs to set the subject steady, in attention which cannot happen in a moving train. Yet, through simple techniques one can make use of their camera and make it work wonders.

Check them out!
I held my camera out of the window and clicked it from outside. Just to get the feeling that someone has clicked from outside. This experiment did give better results.
A setting sun on the way from Kharagpur to Jamshedpur. The train did not stop at a single station and sped like it was on fire. Yet the sun remained steady although the train was running at its maximum speed.

The man whose hand is depicted on this picture was talking to someone on the phone and kept his hands steady. Although he was 8 feet away from me in the same direction, clicking this was an experiment as you have to move yourself in the direction of the train along with your camera.
A guy selling boiled eggs was sitting on the edge of the lower berth diagonally and i was checking out the eggs from my camera sitting on my upper berth. The zoom worked out pretty well as you can see the reuslts yourself.

Keep your hands steady while clicking, thats the tip. Hold on to the camera tightly. A simple jerk will blurr the photograph.
Sleeping is the only regular thing on a train which isn't boring.
Checking out the vendors passing by and looking at people and their things is a pretty time pass on the trains.
When one gets tired on a long journey and unable to decide anything.....then sleeping comes to the resuce unmindful of the time of the day or night. This pic was clicked at 9 am. As he did not had anything to do because the destination was 8 hours away, he just slept all through.
Curiosity kills time, whats the thing, what they are talking, who is coming, etc etc....
Friends on a journey makes a lot of difference. Time loses its value when you are traveling with friends. Here two friends are sitting pretty comfortably stretching their legs onto each others side and talking and another man above them in a side upper berth is reading a book here.
I liked this pic for the fact that the guy staring on his side had a genuine look....most of the pics in a train are original which are unmindful of the presence of a camera.
Again two friends having their time..... don't know why but i always travel alone because of my habit of visiting a new place a month, friends often stay away from me.
Thinking and getting lost in time is the second best thing which happens automatically in a train after sleeping....
You can also sleep while sitting although we are not horses. ha ha ha...

This was a fun to click as i could shoot two guys at a time who are sitting/standing at two different locations...yet each got his share on this photograph.
This was an experiment as i wanted to capture the guys eyes through the seats......the rule of thirds was applied to some extent yet because it is a moving train and with limitations of its own....this is what i could get from my third eye.
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