Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Handy work!

A groom getting married has decorated palms [on display] and the rich colour of the hands only states the kind of love he has for his bride [according to the ancient folklore, the guy/girl who places the [this] 'Mehendi' on his/her hands - if it turns out rich in colour only indicates the love for his/her would-be. One of the rituals/traditions followed sternly]

Monday, March 2, 2009

Between the earth and the sky!

[The subject is flying, trying to lie afloat between the earth and the sky but only to get back to his place, on earth. No one can defy gravity except for those man-made rockets. This shot was a timed sequence shot to catch the subject in the air to deliver the message.]

A view i never knew

[This pic was clicked from a distance of 15 feet from my P&S camera. The guy was trying to draw some water from a gushing stream. The background is all water and the foreground is occupied by the subject. The result is in front of you to see.]

Conspired existence

[This is a close macro shot. Although the flower is dead as it got separated with time, still it was radiating in exuberance, a conspiracy of kind to live again was the feeling at the first shot.]

...where the earth meets the sky!

[Traveling is a religious journey which has got no end of its own because there is no final destination to reach nor any place permanent. This pic has vast paddy fields stretching till the naked eye can capture the colours and at the end, it gets connected to the sky which is waiting to embrace the earth, only to make my pic more beautiful in appeal.]

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