Monday, February 9, 2009

Various hues of a Photographer!!!

Well, here are few pics from my latest tour where i got an opportunity to click a photographer in action, capturing the various hues of a photographer with my camera. The photographer in the picture is Srinivas Rao Allada one of the guys responsible for my 'getting into' photography.

Srisailam Dam in Andhra Pradesh is the second highest dam in India after Bhakranangal Dam in Punjab. It is really a huge dam which looks tiny in a picture but its always amazing to see a huge man made structure holding so much water above and below it.

I got an opportunity to visit this dam during water flow and also during the dry season. Enjoy the tour...

Aim, observe, still, focus and then 'click'.

On a boat on the upper part of Srisailam dam, aiming me directly. The other guy in the pic is Srinivas Kantineni

Aiming a bird on a tree while on our long walk down the hills.

At a junction taking pics of a chick

People get themselves clicked in front of the beautiful Taj Mahal, well here you can see one getting clicked at the dam site. [We weren't allowed to get onto the dam, so had to satisfy ourselves from this position]

This is the beauty of the show where we got an opportunity to scale down to the lower part of the Srisailam Dam. With the dam in the's worth experiencing rather than trying to put them in words...

At a place called Patalaganga where we had to pass through a difficult terrain and a little miss was directly into the waters...Srinivas clicking a bird in the water...

Water always allures one...and a photographer enjoys a lot with many things stirring up his mind when at a water body.
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