Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Streets - Varanasi

The Streets of Varanasi or Benaras or Kashi (the only inhabited ancient city in the world) is always full of people. Just get onto any street and see the thing yourself, you will definitely enjoy walking with the innumerable people who keep walking...

Woven Tales

Entering a Spaceship!


Flowers always allure me and when with a camera, i usually cover all the flowers surrounding me. The trick with this picture here is playing with the macro shot till you get satisfied/tired.


This is Rajghat in New Delhi. I clicked this because i saw the dog paying tribute to the place the moment i landed, the way it was resting just below the name plate is all which initiated me.

Open Sun Parlour

A Busy Man

Here is a busy traffic policeman in Delhi holding a taxi driver for driving his car while talking on a mobile. Everyone has to pay for their mistakes, that side or this side.

Aadikeshava Temple [Vishnu Temple]

This is a 11th Century temple at the ghats of Varanasi called Aadikeshava Temple or Lord Vishnu's Temple. [Clicked from a boat] The old structure is still intact with the idols as it is even today. This temple is at the far end of Varanasi.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Everything different!

Everything is different in this photograph except for the 'Kulhar's' [mud tea cups] in the two subjects. Observe, observe, observe, only through your camera and then shoot. I studied this picture only after loading it into my system: both the subjects are different in everything from their age to their gaze. As i always say, patience always pays rich...

Gold Gold!!

Way better than a real gold! Flowers, the best to adore...

An Amphitheatre

A rehearsal at an Amphitheatre. The distance is more than 200 feet, incidentally the students seem to be looking at my camera but they are calling out their friends who were placed on the steps just few feet from my camera. This is a landscape long shot where the settings are predefined.


As the word describes, so is the picture. Its a secret! [A macro shot from Olympus Fe140]

Brother's Grim!

The Silent Musing!

It is always advised to take the permission of anyone before clicking but the problem with taking a permission is that that someone will become aware of the presence of a camera and reacts differently which ends up in producing an artificial picture, way different from the original conceived image. Here, my subject is lost in thoughts and i am fourty feet away. I like a picture, i take it. Shoot! That's all!

The way it is!

This is a macro shot. The advantage of a good Point n Shoot (PnS) camera is the ability to take a better close shot. This one is only an inch away from the centre. Olympus digital cameras are best recommended when shooting macros in the beginning.

A Squirrel eating

This is just an attempt to capture a squirrel eating.

Well without a good lens and camera, it is simply not possible for anyone to get a good shot. The problem with a squirrel is that it is way too sensitive to its surroundings and the moment it notices a disturbance or anything moving, it vanishes into the trees and bushes. As i said in the first line, this is just an attempt to capture this animal but it turned out a wonderful experience to me as i spent a solid 20 minutes in a muted statue state standing fifteen feet away from my subject and watched this guy eating the nuts.

The most important thing when talking about photography is an 'attempt'. It is a lesson.

Serious Conversations...

The illuminated Ganges

This is the Ganges in the night. There are 'n number of ghats (waterfront steps) along the ganges in the city of Varanasi, one of the most famous temple towns in India also known as Benaras or Kashi. And the uniqueness of this place is that this is the only living ancient city existing in the world where rituals, traditions, cultures of more than 3000 years old are still followed the same way as what they used to during those ancient times (Athens, Cairo etc, the other ancient cities have lost their sheen as they adopted modernism with time) but here is something you will get delighted to see, still intact.

This picture was taken at 10pm while on a boat ride on the ganges. The illumination, the reflection and the appeal of whatever striking the eye was simple and interesting to me.


Well every PnS camera has 'n' number of limitations but patience always pays rich dividends in the art of photography. The more you study the subject and the more you experiment, the better one is able to produce the results. Have a look at the work of an Olympus FE140, caught the subject in a split second without any shake.

Enjoying the morning glory!

Who said only the humans enjoy the morning glories? Have a good look here!

This dog is overlooking The Ganges.

232 BC steps, still intact!

These are the 232 BC steps, remnants of a temple in Sarnath, near Varanasi (Benaras) where Buddha delivered his first sermon. You can see how the steps are still intact even after so many centuries later.

Lotus Temple

The Universal Temple of the Baha'i community, famously known as the Lotus Temple because of its lotus structure in New Delhi.

Humanity is the only religion which every human being should speak...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The Living & The Dead

The price of a bee's sting!

This is a pure macro shot. I went so close to this bee that i could see this bee preparing to strike me. Surprisingly i made half inch close to it and got stung by it as a gift. No pic without permission or ....face the consequences!

Monday, June 29, 2009

A cluttered world!

This is a fishing net in disarry. Used to catch fishes to make livelihood but unused, is a mess.


A non-flying bird!

Well here is a non flying free human bird!


Where the king loses himself...

[This guy was literally resting in the middle of a jungle unmindful of anything around him, i took the opportunity to capture the guy without letting him know of what my camera was doing.]

All happy Friends!

[This photograph was taken with my Sony Ericsson W810i mobile camera]

Lead me to the light...

In Cohesion!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pics from a moving train!

Often we travel by trains and pass through many cities, towns, villages unknown to us and we also get to see people from all these places getting in and out of the trains regularly, some spend their time talking to strangers, some sit silently, some just watch others, some tend to sleep, some stick to the window admiring the beauty all through the journey, some just have fun for the sake of it and the endless instances one gets to see often on these trains.

Here are few pictures i clicked on a moving train from Hyderabad to Kolkata to Jamshedpur during my recent visit to attend a close friends wedding at Jamshedpur. As the journey is more than 24 hours, i made use of my time. Sitting on an upper berth gives an added advantage considering the fact that it captures the original moments without the subject letting know of the presence of a camera.

The problem with a moving train is the moment itself. And in order to take a picture one needs to set the subject steady, in attention which cannot happen in a moving train. Yet, through simple techniques one can make use of their camera and make it work wonders.

Check them out!
I held my camera out of the window and clicked it from outside. Just to get the feeling that someone has clicked from outside. This experiment did give better results.
A setting sun on the way from Kharagpur to Jamshedpur. The train did not stop at a single station and sped like it was on fire. Yet the sun remained steady although the train was running at its maximum speed.

The man whose hand is depicted on this picture was talking to someone on the phone and kept his hands steady. Although he was 8 feet away from me in the same direction, clicking this was an experiment as you have to move yourself in the direction of the train along with your camera.
A guy selling boiled eggs was sitting on the edge of the lower berth diagonally and i was checking out the eggs from my camera sitting on my upper berth. The zoom worked out pretty well as you can see the reuslts yourself.

Keep your hands steady while clicking, thats the tip. Hold on to the camera tightly. A simple jerk will blurr the photograph.
Sleeping is the only regular thing on a train which isn't boring.
Checking out the vendors passing by and looking at people and their things is a pretty time pass on the trains.
When one gets tired on a long journey and unable to decide anything.....then sleeping comes to the resuce unmindful of the time of the day or night. This pic was clicked at 9 am. As he did not had anything to do because the destination was 8 hours away, he just slept all through.
Curiosity kills time, whats the thing, what they are talking, who is coming, etc etc....
Friends on a journey makes a lot of difference. Time loses its value when you are traveling with friends. Here two friends are sitting pretty comfortably stretching their legs onto each others side and talking and another man above them in a side upper berth is reading a book here.
I liked this pic for the fact that the guy staring on his side had a genuine look....most of the pics in a train are original which are unmindful of the presence of a camera.
Again two friends having their time..... don't know why but i always travel alone because of my habit of visiting a new place a month, friends often stay away from me.
Thinking and getting lost in time is the second best thing which happens automatically in a train after sleeping....
You can also sleep while sitting although we are not horses. ha ha ha...

This was a fun to click as i could shoot two guys at a time who are sitting/standing at two different locations...yet each got his share on this photograph.
This was an experiment as i wanted to capture the guys eyes through the seats......the rule of thirds was applied to some extent yet because it is a moving train and with limitations of its own....this is what i could get from my third eye.

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