Monday, April 14, 2008

Dream in Sienna

Wings of Thunder

Summer Fan

White Siren

Viridian Spring

Yellow Harmony

Copper Wilderness

Evergreen Crowd

Coral Tenderness


Bridge Across Forever

twisted tales...


Road to Somewhere

Afterlife Memories

An old dead tree displaying its beauty after its life, shooting in every possible direction, quiet interesting how it would have been when it was alive!

Brazen Glory

Sitting Pretty

Tales of the Ancient

Hard at work

One of the bees stung me -

An actor in the making

Mr.Pranava Raj Pamula

A Septuagenarian

Mr.Harishchandra Madan, 75, Bachelor, no relatives, Krishnamurti follower, Dramatist, Teacher, soft spoken....

KODAK Moments!

Pleasure is all yours!

A daily activity

Air India's New Flight!

Sky? Just a feet below!

Touched yet Untouched

Same - Above & Below

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