Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beauty on display

All my photographs are natural pics [I mean there's no meddling with software]. This is a macro shot [from my Point and Shoot camera not SLR] of a rose stem. One of my best shots as the background captured [totally blurred] and the foreground focus came out perfect, resulting in the display of the beauty as it is. [click on the pic to have a close look]

In different directions...

and it remained alone...

During our life time we are always attached to people or things, one or the other time forgetting that we have to travel alone till the end. What remains is a beautiful story called Life...just like this picture.

One part - Two flowers - two directions

Although connected to the same part, these two flowers are faced totally opposite showing their beauty with the same vigor as the other.

organized disorganized

Life and after life

a dying flower and a yet-to-bloom flower paired together...

Enjoying their evening...

Activity at my father's farm land

This is the starting point of my father's land where we have a neem tree and a small clean ground where the crop is collected and placed.

This farmer Nagaiah works for my father, collecting the grass to be placed on the produce.

Following belief's and traditions: I saw for the first time how they pray the god to look after the produce. They make a small heap and make circles and donno what not they do pleasing the gods...

Nagaiah reporting my father on my mobile [once in a while we visit our lands in order to check the activity]. His wife listening who's a big decision maker in his life.

This is how my father's land looks from one point. It's the whole stretch.

Close Encounter...

Resting tired...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

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