Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ajanta Caves - Aurangabad

Ajanta Caves, discovered in 1819 dates back to 2nd Century BCRead ABOUT Ajanta CAVES
Ajanta Caves from the Entrance, its really magnificient, caves carved from a single rock spread to more than 400 metres (nearly half kilometre)
Ajanta Caves from the other end

Ajanta Caves - Take 2

Ajanta Caves are famous for the beautiful cave paintings dating back to 2200 BC but there are carved structures also found only with Buddha as the Central theme
Sleeping Buddha!
Sameer and Ashutosh at the giant Buddha!

Ajanta Caves - Take 3

This is Cave No.26, one of the beautiful caves with an exquisite stupa

Paintings are carefully preserved using modern technology as each painting dates back to more than 2200 years

Ajanta Caves - Take 4

One of the paintings with a story of its own

Inside one of the Caves

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Life's like this!!!

Daulatabad Fort - Aurangabad

This is the huge door at the entrance of Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad built around 1200 AD
Before you step in you will pass through this: The Story about Daulatabad Fort
Ashutosh eating the Sun
Canon's at Ground Zero (Posing Captain Ashutosh and Sameer Rao)
Watch tower from the middle on the way to the Fort. It's a huge tower.
One of the verandas in the Fort where meetings used to take place

Daulatabad Fort - Take 2

The only connector to the visitors to the Fort

Sameer and the "Sun" together

A look alike helipad built around 1200 AD

At the highest point of Daulatabad Fort...with a Canon facing the Camera Gun (Sameer and Ashutosh)

Descending the Fort from an irregular route

A Mean Machine!

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