Monday, July 30, 2007


Cannot Catch it!

Growing Paddy!!!

Growing Paddy at my Father's farm land.

Clouds & Rains

This is a spectacular scene. The dark portion behind the hill is actually raining which is taking place 100 kms from this spot. Then there is a gap and again dark clouds have taken over. Actually one can see streaks of rainfall through the naked eye. This was a mind blowing experience to me.

Srisailam Dam

This is the highest dam in India, Srisailam Dam. With a huge reservoir on the upper side and a huge canal on the lower side extending hundreds of kilometres is placed beautifully between mountains for tens of kilometres making this site one of the spectacular natural dam sites in the world.
This is called 'Gampa' used by the fisher men and also by the tourists to cross across the lower end of the dam.

At a Waterfall !!!

I and my cousin at a waterfall called 'Mallela Tirdham', 8 kms bypass from Munnanur, Nallamala forests, 60 kms away from Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh

Sunday, July 29, 2007

White Splendour!

In front of myself...

With a self-timer on my mobile high up on Pedda Gutta, Jadcharla, Andhra Pradesh.


Closest & Best shot from my W810i 2 MegaPix Mobile Camera. This Millipede was crawling on a 800 yr old banyan tree

On its own...

800 yr Old Banyan Tree

This is more than an 800 yr old Banyan Tree, 3 kms away from Mahabubnagar Town, Andhra Pradesh called 'Pillala Marri' (Pillala in Telugu means 'Children', Marri means Banyan tree = Childrens Banyan tree).

The roots of this tree are spread to more than 1 kilometre around. The trunk is still unidentified. The main tree is spread around TWO hundred metres's really BIG!


Yellow Splendour!

Time-less age...

Different Lilly

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pink Hibiscus!

Sucking ant!

Wonderful ant at display!

Vana Bhojanam!

Eating under a neem tree, plates made out of leaves, fresh air oozing out from the fields, serenity blending in my Father's Farm Land...a unique experience of its own, very few can cherish...

*(Any one can have this experience if they are really interested. Drop in at my place, I will arrange the trip)

Beautiful Bee!

This beautiful bee was sucking honey at my father's farm land.

Hiding Butterfly!

I had to literally chase this butterfly to get it trapped onto my mobile camera

Sweating leaf!

The upside down of a corn leaf. Photograph taken from the lower side where the water drops on the above can be clearly seen through the inside.


Unchanged colours of a Chameleon

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

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