Saturday, June 30, 2007

Joys abound!

Rooted to the Rock!

have a close look!

Simply rocks!!!

Adi Narayana in front of a beautifully shaped mountian! Rocks of various types and formations are abundant here...only if you have enough patience to venture!

Evergreen Smile!

Ahobilam Temple

Ahobilam Temple is 60 kms away from Nandyala town of Kurnool district. This temple is situated in the picturesque location of Nallamala Forests (this forest is spread across three states known for the hiding place of Naxallites) right on the mountains.

With water flowing from the top of the mountains with an unknown origin,
the rock formations are a beautiful delight to the eyes,
with thick trees surrounding the pathways and the endless journey's,
this place simply makes life a beautiful smile!

The temples around Ahobilam are spread in 20 kms radius on various mountains visiting which is an adventure in itself. Worth to be rated as one of the best adventurous tours... Among My TOP 5 Favourites!

Nallamala Forests...

Beautiful... isn't it?

Yellow Frog at display!

An yellow coloured frog...saw for the first time. Frogs of real big sizes were hiding at this place.

This is Adi's brother, Pratap having fun with a frog.

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This is the great Mahanandi! One of the famous temples in Andhra Pradesh, known for it's perennial flow of water even during draughts, the source of which is still a mystery, unknown to the humans...Lord Shiva has graced this place.

The water is crystal clear even when hundreds of people bath in it.

People die to have a dip in this holy water for their own reasons...

A photo from 15 feet can see the bottom as clear as you get to see something else on the ground.

In it's own world...

Various stages in Banana tree Plantation!

Adi - On the way to Mahanandi!

awesome colour display!

A Young Monkey!

Happy School Children!

This is Germination!

Toiling endlessly...

A bird in flight!

Frogs day out!

A Septuagenarian at work


This is the staple food of Kurnool called in telugu as 'Ugrani'. Made of Puffed rice, onions and chillies. Light in weight, its an easy intake!

Kaipa Adi Narayana Reddy

Adi is my host in Nandyala. I lived at his village which is 12 kms away from the town of Nandyala, called Pasurupadu.

Adi did his M.Sc in Maths from IIT Chennai, and currently he is pursuing his M.Tech in Comp.Sci from IIT Kharagpur. With just a single hand to work with since childhood, he has achieved heights, his village people would ever know. A simple guy with great thinking, his achievements speak for him.

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