Monday, May 28, 2007

Indian in China...

Manish C Rajwani, working in China since 7 years.

Pissing on the Tracks...ha ha ha

Warangal Fort - The only structure

The entrance structure inside the Fort. The pillared structures can be seen throughout Warangal, typical of the Kakatiya Dynasty.

About Warangal Fort

A testimony

Remains of Fort Warangal in a pitiable state


On the walls of Fort Warangal

...through the holes

On the way to The Fort

Entrance - Warangal Fort

Khila Warangal or Orugallu Kota or Fort Warangal, this is the starting point

This is Katyayini!

My little cousin

Caught the Parrots! ha ha ha

Photogenic Pigeon

A treat to the eyes!

A peacock at a Zoo in Warangal Town... wooing a peahen with it's beauty!

The Perfect Structure


in front of the Temple, warangal

A pillar inside the temple

Thousand Pillared Temple, Warangal

Surviving structure of the Thousand Pillared Temple

Of the thousand pillars, only 200 can be seen... things have been destroyed by the muslim invaders

About the Thousand Pillared Temple, Hanamkonda

Morning Sun in Warangal

A Child in a bus

Dangling clay bells!

Through the blurred glasses...

Dark Light

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The imprints of Life!

The Other Way!

Silence Interpreted!

Ankitha Restaurant!

The only restaurant in and around 50kms of Kaiga Township!

The Python!


Blooming Bougainvillea's radiating joy to the naked eyes

The lonely night light

The lonely night light

Khudra & Khodsali Dam

Khudra & Khodsali Dam at Kaiga, North Karnataka! There's also a 250MW Hydral Power Station to the right!

A moth in the night!

a moth on the roof in the night waiting for me to hold it tight through my third eye! you read it right!


Sand in Hand!

The Happy Feet!

At it's own place!

A dry, dead tree in the middle

A foreign locale!

Looks like a foreign locale? isn't it? No it's the start of a forest location! near Khudra dam

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