Thursday, December 20, 2007

light dream...


A view from Khandala!

NH4 and Bombay-Pune Expressway interspersed

boats for pleasure

Karla Caves, near Lonavala

feathered aground...

A family affair!

A boat in Arabian Sea

Bombay - City of Skyscrapers

Huge residential and commercial complexes along with old historical buildings and tall skyscrapers mark the landscape of today's modern Bombay. A scene at Marine Drive.

Captured in a net!

Brihanmumbai Mahanagarpalika

In other words...its Metropolitan Municipal Corporation of Bombay (Mumbai)

Life is never a problem!

(A self photograph - i am looking at River Bhima, Sahyadri Hills...intrigued at the beauty of what's in front of me) (Placed my camera on a small rock with a 10 seconds time lap)

Three White Roses

Cowdung Cakes

Neatly arranged cow dung cakes on display

hidden kernels...


KFI Sahyadri

This is the Study Centre, Krishnamurti Foundation India on Sahyadri Hills (80 kms away from Pune and 25 kms from Rajgurunagar on Nasik a place called Tiwai Hills). In the picture is "Mr. Ashutosh Sonawane" who works at the Centre.

Under the roof

Venkat (CapGemini, Mumbai), Konda Hemanth Kumar (Fujitsu, Pune), Kranti Kumar (Fujitsu, Pune) with the setting sun under display

Decorating the tree

"Stork's" Footprint

Close watch...

This guy was watching silently trying to spot something around...which we couldn't find

Framed Wall!

too many petals to count

Nowhere its different!

a dried up tree and full grown trees lined up in the back...

Spider in Spotlight!

Blind Faith!

mirrored water!

It's all it's got...

Silent disturbance!

An Identity!

Spotted Deer!

Langur's Tails

Shoot at Sight!

3 shooters at work shooting a bird with dSLR's at Ali Katta, Pench Tiger Reserve
(Kaustubh Rishi (left), Suhas Anand (centre), Dr.Arun (right))

A "Lapwing"

Which path do I take?

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